Monday, October 10, 2011

“Haunted Party” in the A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve Anthology

Now Available from Naughty Nights Press

"Haunted Party" Blurb:
Alexa is going to her first ever Halloween Bash thrown each year by her new boss, a sexy skeptic who every guy wants to be his friend and every woman wants to screw.

But, she is more professional than that. One poltergeist and one strange revelation later though, locked in a room with her boss and two male co-workers, fear turns to competition just like it always does in the board room. Alexa, Derrick, Ken and James, with battle wounds and all, fight for their lives in the most sexy way ever conceived. Once their fucking games begin, this bitch of a ghost may never know what hit her….

Genres: Contemporary Erotica, Holiday (Halloween), Paranormal (Ghosts), Ménage and More with M/F/M/M and a ghost! 

Anthology Synopsis:

What do you get when you have eight wickedly delicious Authors, writing about Halloween?

Why you end up with “A WICKED AND WANTON ALL HALLOWS EVE” off course.

A Halloween party turns into a very unusual night; a ghost whose sexual needs prevent her from passing over to the other side; a chance encounter at a mistaken location leads to many desires being fulfilled; and unusual alien and human sexual experience, in the name of research; and so much more in this kinky themed Halloween Anthology.

Open up your mind, free your inhibitions and get ready for A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve!

Eight naughty Halloween-themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses while giving readers a little taste of the experimental worlds of sensually exciting tricks or treats.

Available Now at Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance Ebooks

Abby Hayes - Haunted Party Excerpt:

He caressed her hair, knocking her hood to the ground.
“I can’t believe I am saying all of this out loud.” He shook his head.
Alexa just smiled up at him, touched his cheek lightly, then moved onto the next nipple.
“I’ve tried hard to live a life of denial, to ignore the spirits as much as I can by feeding them. I never stop moving, whether it is at work, at the gym, or in my own bed. When I burn energy, they take it. Somehow. Damned if I can explain it. I just don’t want it…don’t want them. I can only sleep when they are gone, and I am exhausted. I play the skeptic, wishing I could believe my own lines of bullshit. And, every Halloween, I throw this party, find a hot chick in a costume, and screw her all night long.
“I have even had them complain about the thermostat problems, that despite the thing saying it was eighty degrees in the room, they froze all night. I did my best to keep them warm of course, and many have said I rocked their world; so much so that I shook the room and things fell and broke. I’ve done the best I could.”
The candle went out, and something crashed against the wall.
“Shit,” James cursed before the candle came back on. The flame shook from the candle being in his shaking hand.
Derrick brought her face up to his and put his lips hard against hers, again.
“You stopped kissing me,” he breathed into her mouth.
“Sorry,” she tried to say as his tongue invaded her mouth, warred with hers.
She ran her hands over the muscles of his bare back. Each of them tensed under her hands. His skin felt so cold.
“Every year I have…gotten away…this party…it has worked…” he spoke phrases as he kissed down her neck. “But, this year…you happened…this costume…”
He ran his hand over the tail, then over her ass.
“I got distracted…I didn’t find a girl…”

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