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“Chem 101” in the Campus Sexploits Anthology - New Review In!

from Naughty Nights Press

"Chem 101" Blurb:
When Sara is caught almost kissing the professor’s assistant after chemistry lab, the professor makes them both a proposition they can’t pass up. It sounds like a typical ménage encounter, and she is more than willing to be taught.

Yet, soon her and the assistant find that the professor likes to give directions, in and out of class, pushing his students in little ways, more than they imagined he ever would.

Genres: Contemporary Erotica, Ménage M/F/M with M/M Interaction

Great Review for Campus Sexploits!

"While I am a hard one to impress wen it comes to sexual exploration and unusual sexual situations, this collection of short stories had me hooked.
The first short in this anthology by Abby Hayes had me smiling as I read the antics of Sarah, Gwen and the Professor. Hayes builds characters with meaning, substance and a great little tell-all college sexual experience. Kudos to her for making me smile..."

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Another Great Review for Campus Sexploits!

"Chem 101 is a cheeky tale of teacher, assistant and student, ménage with a kinky twist. The direction from the professor send chills down your spine in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Wren and Sara both have a desire between them that oozes from the words written.
Tantalizing sex ensues with a voyeur touch to begin. What anyone wouldn’t give to be in any of these positions, pun totally intended.

“Two men, two older me, two forbidden men, both touching her at the same time; new and exhilarating on so many levels.”

This sentence sums this piece up so much. Abby has definitely managed to put pen to paper and word to senses. You can feel the passion, the power in the professor’s words. To be honest if you don’t have a towel underneath you as you read this there may be some furniture ruinage. This is definitely the best story to start the juices flowing and making you want more of what this anthology has to offer."

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