Monday, January 23, 2012

Seeing Red Shout Out Giveaway!!!

My Valentine’s themed novella  is HOT OFF THE VIRTUAL PRESSES and FREE for 3 days on Amazon!

A spanking/light BDSM romance, Seeing Red - A Valentines Day Story

The Giveaway! Help me spread the news about Seeing Red being free on Amazon to be entered to win one of two prizes: Prize #1 - $10 Amazon Gift Card and Prize #2 – ebook bundle of three NNP Anthologies.

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HOT OFF THE VIRTUAL PRESSES and FREE for 3 days! A spanking/light BDSM romance, Seeing Red - A Valentines Day Story by Abby Hayes

Sample FaceBook Post:
Seeing Red Shout Out Giveaway! Seeing Red by Abby Hayes is FREE on Amazon. Share the news and be entered to win a $10 Gift Card or ebook bundle.

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Seeing Red – A Valentine’s Day Story Blurb:

Rage on the Water is Shannon Murphy’s bar on the West Bank of Cleveland, Ohio, in the district long called The Flats. While the building has changed hands many times in her family, Shannon has owned and operated her bar for the last three years. These are the facts that people know about her. What most people were not aware of is what really goes on in her apartment above Rage on the Water.

Three years ago when she opened the bar, her boyfriend at the time, a guy she thought she would spend the rest of her life with, dumped her that year on Valentine’s Day. Never a big fan after of the holiday before, she now loathes it. Having gone through a bit of a wild phase these past years, she has given up dating altogether. Instead, she’s been exploring her wilder side, one where her kinks and more wanton interests prevail, in her apartment above the bar with a guy friend and at times, others he invites in. Enjoying the role-playing, she has a closet half full of adult lingerie and costumes including all the sex toys and other accessories you can think of.

This year on Valentine’s Day though, a conversation with her long time guy friend, Mark lands her in a situation beyond any she has experienced before. There will be two men and two women for her to play dominatrix with. While ignoring Mark’s changing intentions toward her, like his invitations to go on an actual date, it being Valentine’s Day, she’s more than a bit excited to spank a few asses.

Tonight Shannon, staring as Ms. Shan, has four bodies to play with, but one of them, Mark, his looks are unnerving her. She goes with each whim of her body and mind, but will they expose her? Will she be able to still play her role well? Or will she give in to all that scares her? With bodies exposed, asses red, it is truly her heart on the line…


  1. Hey Abby, this looks great! I shared on my timeline, put it on my blog and on twitter. I'd love to read the story

  2. Thanks Naomi! I really appreciate it :)

  3. Great synopsis, sounds like things are going to develop in a way that might be out of her control! What about this Mark guy? I wonder what it is about his looks that are unnerving her...